Committees and Working Parties of the Council

Committee meetings are called on an as needs basis. Information sheets, including contact details are displayed on the Council’s notice-boards.

Allotments Working Party 

Parish Council: Mrs M. Sambrook, M. Alden-Court, Cllr D.M. Holmes, Dr R.C.H. Taylor, Mrs L. Tomkins.

Brewood Traffic Management Working Party 

Parish Council: Cllr D.M. Holmes, Mr R Dakin, Mr D. Evans, Mrs J. Jeffries, Mr K. Kearney, Cllr Mrs W. Sutton, Dr R.C.H. Taylor, Mrs L Tomkins, Mr M. Webb MBE.

 Coven/ Coven Heath Traffic Management Working Party

M. Alden-Court, Mrs J. Bradshaw, Mrs J. Carr, Mr R. Dakin, Mr A. Pupino, Mr G. Sibley, Mrs L. Tomkins.

Coven Football Management Team 

Members to be appointed if the need arises.

Finance Committee

Mrs J. Bradshaw, Mrs J. Carr, Mr D.Evans, Mrs M. Sambrook, Cllr Mrs W. Sutton, Dr R. Taylor, Mrs L. Tomkins.

Staffing Committee 

M. Alden-Court, Mrs J. Carr, Cllr D.M. Holmes, Mrs J.C. Jeffries, Dr R.C.H. Taylor, Mrs L. Tomkins.