Coven Heath History

Coven Heath is depicted on William Yates’ 1775 map of Staffordshire as heathland, much more extensive in those days than it is today. An Indenture relating to the estate of James Hordern, dated 1801, refers to a windmill being enclosed out of the common known as Coven Heath. Today only the remnants of the heathland survive and the windmill has been long since gone. However, there still remains a landmark to the past era in the form of the tiny chapel which is now named “The Church on the Common”. The chapel first appeared in the Diocesan Lists of Mission Churches in 1873 and thereafter is listed as Coven Heath Chapel or Coven Heath School.

The 1848 Bushbury Tithe map states Theodosia Hinckes as the owner of the land upon which it stands and the building is attributed to her. She was a noted benefactress who, during her lifetime, 1792-1874, donated money and lands for the building of schools for the children of the Bushbury parish and also the building of St. Mary’s Church. Much of Coven Heath was in the Manor of Bushbury and remained in the parish of Bushbury up until 1934, when it was transferred to Brewood under the Local Government re-organisation. “The Church on the Common”, however, has continued to be administered by the clergy of St. Mary’s, Bushbury until recently but has now been declared closed.