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Consultation on the Housing Proposal for Bishop's Wood

There will be two consultation events at Bishop's Wood Village Hall, Ivetsey Bank Road, Bishop's Wood on Friday 27th April from 3pm until 9pm and Saturday 28th April from 10am until 2pm in order to find out your views on a small development of proposed dwellings in Bishop's Wood. The dwellings will be provided by South Staffordshire Housing Association and will only be offered to  people living in the Parish or having a strong local connection.


Site Allocation Document

Modifications to the Site Allocation Document can be viewed at www.sstaffs.gov.uk 


Community Speed Watch 

The Parish Council is currently facilitating this initiative. This is a national initiative where local communities join with the Police to monitor the speed of vehicles.  The aims of the initiative are: to help local people address speeding problems in their own area, increase driver and public awareness of the dangers of speeding and improve community safety. CSW teams use hand held radar equipment at pre-identified locations to check vehicle speeds. Registration numbers and makes of vehicles exceeding the local speed limit are recorded. These details are then collated and passed to the central co-ordinator, where they are processed and letters are issued. Drivers found to be speeding are issued with an advisory warning letter requesting that they slow down and observe the speed limit. If the same vehicle is caught on a second or subsequent occasion by any Community Speed Watch team a follow-up final letter is issued. If the vehicle has been caught speeding through any Community Speed Watch for the third time within 12 months, the vehicle will be checked and information passed to the local policing team who will organize for the keeper to be visited and warned. We currently have 10 fully trained volunteers, including some Parish Councillors. If you would like to become a CSW volunteer, please contact the Clerk.

This article was included in the September 2017 Newsletter.


Staffordshire Subsidised Bus Review Consultation

In February 2016 a decision was taken by Staffordshire County Council to review the budget for subsidised bus travel.

There are four options on how the smaller £1.3m bus subsidy could be spent.

Please visit www.staffordshire.gov.uk/busreview   for full details of the options available.